My VIsion

I have a desire to see beautiful, cinematic film impact change in even the smallest and most obscure places. It shouldn't be only the wealthy organizations that get the best films. I want to see Hollywood-caliber film productions be used to effect change in a positive way. Therefore, my goal is to offer high-quality film services so I can tell your story in the most cinematic way possible. My dream is to do freelance non-profit documentary work, work on Hollywood-caliber film sets, and help produce films that inspire.

My Filmmaking

As funny as it sounds, I sort of stumbled into film production. As a young college kid, I took some filmmaking courses as part of my Communications degree, but it wasn't until a couple years after I graduated that I began to seriously pursue it. As my friends and I aged into our mid twenties, something crazy happened: they started getting married! They knew I was of the creative movie-making sort and they were searching for an inexpensive solution to film their big day. I was more than happy to take a swing at it. Today, I have found a passion in creatively capturing beautiful moments and translating them into a compelling film. I love filmmaking because it is a powerful communicator. I love sharing values and inspiring hearts within an audience. If you decide to hire me, I promise to do my best to make your film/advertisement/interview/documentary/wedding as beautiful, inspiring, and exciting as it can be.

- Shane